July 19, 2018
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Welcome to the Winchester City Council  24 hour secure Internet payments service. You may pay for any of the services shown in the list below. You can pay by debit card for all types of service; credit cards are accepted for the payment of Penalty Charge Notices, Miscellaneous Payments and General Invoices only.

What may I pay?

You may pay for any of the accounts shown below by clicking on the selected item.

Additional services will be added as we continue to develop this facility.

Please select from the following list:

Housing Benefit Overpayments

If your invoice number has

  • six digits starting with a '4' or a '5' e.g. 412455, select 'Housing Benefit Overpayments' on the list above
  • ten digits starting with two letters e.g. 'KK34567895', select 'General Invoices' on the list above.

Penalty Charge Notices, Council Tax and Business Rates

If your debt is in the hands of the bailiff any payments you make will be passed to the bailiff who may contact you to collect any outstanding charges.

Security Information

Your transaction is now taking place within a secure payment system. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, a standard supported by most major Internet browsers. All of your personal and card details are protected using 128 bit encryption, when transmitted over the Internet.

Your card details are stored on a server behind a secure firewall. Only authorised personnel may access this information.